Hadi Residence

Location: Mardan Rashkai, Pakistan
Area: 1 Kannal – 4,500sft, Status : Completed
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In the design of a one-kanal home, the contemporary architectural style provides a compelling combination of clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative materials.. This design, which embraces an open concept plan, emphasizes utility, natural light and indoor-outdoor communication. The façade is characterized by large windows and vast glass facades, which enable enough of light to permeate the internal areas while also providing spectacular views of the surroundings. The structure is defined by clean, geometric shapes, which are accented by a neutral color palette and modest texture and contrast details. Inside, vast living rooms flow naturally into one another, providing a welcoming ambiance ideal for modern living. High ceilings, simple finishes, and well picked furniture contribute to a sense of spaciousness and refinement. The modern contemporary style values simplicity, elegance, and integration.

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